Website Update!

As you may have noticed, I have changed the website. I am no longer serving this site from my home server over a slow DSL connection. I am renting server space from Digital Ocean, and I managed to get WordPress installed and set up in a way I like.

This adds a lot of cool features to the site. The layouts are more pleasing to the eye and less work for me to maintain. The main page even has a big image that rotates through the last 5 hikes, and you can click to go to the hike shown at any given time.

Besides the visual bling, I have added a comments section for each post, there is a search page you can reach using the menu bar, and my posts are categorized.

And now, you can click on any image to see all of the images on that page in lightbox style. This means the image will be enlarged to nearly fill the screen (depending on aspect ratio) and you can just look through the images that way. If you want to see the picture really big, right-click on it in the lightbox view and select View Image. The image will be loaded as large as your browser will allow, and you can then zoom in with the magnifier pointer to see the image at full size. Most are large, but some of the pictures are panoramas made by stitching multiple images together and these can be really big. It’s not everything I wanted from a lightbox, but it’s close enough.

Finally, there are a bunch of capabilities in the new setup that aren’t shown in any post yet, but as I add to the site you can expect cool features to pop up here and there.

Some of the content from the old site has not yet been re-worked, so while it is here, the format can be a little off, and the images are still hosted by my previous image host (and it seems they sometimes can’t find an image). So it may take some time to get everything converted, but it’s all here.

Let me know what you think of the new site, and definitely point out any problems you notice. Welcome to the new!


– Tim

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