McKenzie River Trail Redux

The area around this bridge was so beautiful I spent a good 15 minutes just taking pictures and enjoying the sights. There were huge Hemlock and Cedar trees:


The bridge was well built, and other than a couple missing or broken rail sections was still is great condition:


Looking downstream:


With the water running this fast and everything being as slick as snot, that particular missing rail was the only cause for concern. Of course the rail on the other side was all I really needed:


Looking upstream. That log has already snapped just off the right of the picture. It won’t last much longer under that pressure:


Even the little tributaries had some nice bridges here and there:



Eventually the trail crossed the river on a road bridge. It the followed the river on the other side, until it popped out on a gravel road. 40′ up the road was this gate:


The trail follows this old closed road for a while. For a section it was sandwiched between the river and this cliff:



The moss is just growing like crazy again now that the woods are wet again:


As I reached the midpoint of the day I started to worry that I was getting even sicker. I was feeling lightheaded and my nose was running steadily. Now my throat was raw and I was coughing up mucus. It was time to turn around anyway, but being almost 9 miles from the car I knew it was going to be a long slog back with how sick I was feeling that that point. So I turned around and headed back.


  1. Beautiful pictures Tim. Thanks for taking me out there! That’s the Oregon I love with all the ferns, moss, trees and fresh air, albeit damp. Looking forward to being there.

  2. Hi Tim, The pictures (and your narrative) are wonderful, as usual, and the mushrooms are fabulous. Cori and I are looking forward so much to seeing you and Tina next month. Then you can walk in snow instead of mud and water. Yippee. Faith

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