McKenzie River Trail Redux

Of course, even sick I couldn’t help but enjoy the surroundings. I started to notice just how many mushrooms were sprouting along the trail, so I took pictures. I don’t have a clue when it comes to mycology, so if you know what any of these are, let me know in the comments:
















Spotting and photographing fungi was a great distraction from being sick. I managed to work my way back to the car in good time and I headed home.

I really was sick. I missed three days of work after that, and even then I was coughing up phlegm for a couple weeks, but I recovered nicely, and in less time that I usually do when it gets into my lungs. I’m all good now.

The Renegade boots with stock insoles did good. I think they will be fine this way. That’s good news headed into winter, because in Oregon it’ll be wet until June now.

I covered another 8.85 miles of this trail on this outing (each way) for a total of 17.7 miles on the day, which is not bad at all for a sick person. Only about 11 miles of this trail (in 2 segments) remain and then I will have walked the whole route. I’ll be back.

Here is the KMZ file with my route. Please feel free to download the file and view it in Google Earth.


  1. Beautiful pictures Tim. Thanks for taking me out there! That’s the Oregon I love with all the ferns, moss, trees and fresh air, albeit damp. Looking forward to being there.

  2. Hi Tim, The pictures (and your narrative) are wonderful, as usual, and the mushrooms are fabulous. Cori and I are looking forward so much to seeing you and Tina next month. Then you can walk in snow instead of mud and water. Yippee. Faith

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