Bobby Lake via Maiden Peak Trail

This is Skyline Creek. Although I crossed a few small bridges, this unbridged stream was the only running water I saw. I loved the icicles under the logs:



This sign was posted near the intersection of the Maiden Peak Trail and the Douglas Horse Pasture Trail. I laughed. What a great name for a camp location! If you find it hard to read, it says “WAIT HERE CAMP”:


After a hard 2.4-mile walk up the Maiden Peak Trail I finally reached the PCT:



The PCT itself tended to deeper snow. In many places, such as pictured here, my boots sank as much as 6″:


This panorama turned out well except for the blurry tree to the right of the trail. It gives a good idea what it looked like in areas that did not have heavy undergrowth:


Note that you can zoom in farther than the image viewer allows by clicking on the image to expand it, then right-clicking on this new version and selecting ‘View Image’ (in Firefox), or ‘Open image in new tab’ (in Chrome). Using Internet Explorer you will need to select ‘Save picture as…’ and view the image separately (IE kinda sucks). You can do that with all my pictures, but it’s especially useful with panoramic shots.

After hiking north on the PCT for 2.5 miles I came to the Moore Creek Trail, which leads to Bobby Lake:


From there it was only an easy 1/4 mile to the lake itself. I had been hoping for a beautiful lake-in-the-snow view, but a lot of the snow is already gone here at 5920′:



When I was here in August, I hung my hammock between these trees:


Here’s another summer/now comparison. These two pictures are almost the exact same view. The first is from this outing, and the second is from last Agust:


150404-41a - Bobby Lake in Summer

Since I had already hiked past my ‘turnaround time’ to make it to Bobby Lake, I didn’t stay long. On the way back I simply reversed my course, with the exception that when I reached the Maiden Peak Trailhead at Gold Lake Road I simply walked back down the road to the parking lot. When I got there I found that nearly all the snow I had seen that morning was melted and gone:




Alltogether this was a fun hike if a bit hard. In fact, the snow made it grueling. My GPS’s odometer stated I had walked 15.92 miles over 7 hours of actual movement. I’m happy with that.

You can download the KMZ file here to view my route in Google Earth.

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